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Talking Now

The road to restoring relationships starts with talking and forgiveness. Easy to say, not always easy to do.
some words...
There's something I should say
‘Cos I'm not sure it's been said
If you could spare a minute
While I articulate these words
I don't say these things lightly
God knows you've had to wait for years
But I'm talking now

Miss-communication she was such a lovely girl
But over all the music I think she struggled to be heard
We need another hymn sheet
God knows I want to make this clear
So I'm talking now

I don't remember the place, I don't recall
I never needed anyone at all
I don't remember your face, but I see it now
I see it, I see it all

As the day slips into the night
As the lights go down on the bay
As the moon shines down on us both
I got something to say

So much has passed between us
God knows this baby's overdue
So I'm talking
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