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Girl In My Class

Sometimes the ghosts of old relationships linger on well past their use by date…
some words...
There's a girl in my class who re-minds me of you
I think she's shorter, and she wears sensible shoes
And if her hair was longer, she'd wear it just the same
Something silly on each side, something silly in between

Curious and curious, I am to know her name
Don't think I'm a weirdo, but I checked the list of names on my tutor's door
I know it isn't Harriet, but it doesn't make much odds
Because Harriet, she carries it, when she walks into the room

I thought that it was over that time at the airport
I thought the over-priced espresso was the end
I thought the year of staying silent and pretending
Was enough to shake (it off),
Was enough to make (amends),
Was enough to break the spell.
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